10 April 2021

After Taking Vaccine Follow This Instructions

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Don't live life to the fullest.  Celebrate moment by moment, rejoice.  Try to be happy in every situation.  No one always has the same situation here.

Learn to be happy even in deprivation because whoever gets in the habit of crying keeps crying even after getting something.  Life is fleeting, it is relaxation, the journey has to go beyond that.  Understanding life as fleeting does not mean consuming as much as possible in the shortest possible time.
  Rather, it is better to take full advantage of this opportunity and spend it in good deeds.

There are a lot of jokes too ...!  Must vote in local self-government elections ..!

Don't give such a vote because of feelings or temptation ..!

Can it be called an occasion to show the solidarity of the employees?

Here defeats and victories happen at a small distance ...!  So one of your votes is precious ...!  One can take note of one vote .. Therefore, it is a request that you must vote knowingly ... ...

Polling Date: 21/02/2021 & 28/02/2021

The Valentine's Day process has now begun across the country ...

Fall in love only if it is very necessary ...

Remember you have to fall in love not the pit.  Beware of false smiles and jokes.

Fall in love only if it is very necessary ...

 Remember you have to fall in love not the pit.  Beware of false smiles and jokes.

 Even the slightest negligence can be life threatening.

Learning has nothing to do with working policy ....

Only those who have studied most crimes ...

Dowry ...

The rest of the uneducated and helpless laborers do not get married in the bread of 2 times.



09 April 2021

Gujarat prathamik sixak sang ni 2 mahatvani rajuaato Date 09/04/2021

 Gujarat prathamik sixak sang ni 2 mahatvani rajuaato

Considering the situation of Corona, the matter of re-establishing the presence of teachers in schools by Odd Even method was introduced

Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union Primary A "Chanakya" Gu.Ra.Prashi Sangh Educational research facility , Sector-12, Gandhinagar. (Resolution No. PRE of Education and Department of Labor - 114-13 - A, valid from 6-7-8). Date of III iven: 7/8/2071 per, May. Director of Primary Education, Gujarat 12/1, Dr. GM Bhavan, Gandhinagar. Subject: - Regarding filling 100% vacancies of primary teachers from the district. Sahebshree, Jayabharat, to state on the above subject that after the year 2014, 

Gujarat prathamik sixak sang ni mahatvani rajuaato



08 April 2021

Latest Paripatra Regarding Ekam Kasoti April 2021

Ekam Kasoti Paripatra APRIL 2021.

Important letter regarding unit test of April 2021.

What is TP? Must read !!!

TP means an area of ​​approximately 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer is called TP (Town Planning).

A total of 12 facilities are provided within a TP.

1 playground.
2 gardens.
3 parking facilities.
4 vegetable market.
5 Government schools.
6 Government Hospitals.
7 Library.
8 community halls.
9 Open Party Plots.
Peace jug for 10 elders.
11 swimming pools.
12 public toilet boxes.

In addition to this, keeping in view the surrounding TP, there should be a fire station at some distance so that the fire brigade can be reached in just 5 minutes in case of any fire.

As per the rule, there should be 1 fire station in an area with a population of 100,000 lakhs.

After reading all this, it is necessary to consider whether the TP of your area has all these facilities or not, because every citizen pays taxes and does not pay installments.
Every citizen should be aware .....

Pls ask person who is coming for VOTE from Municipal corporation

Every evening a man comes out as a corpse,
-Bodi then felt sad and agitated.



Our understanding is just a game of closed locks,
How many ages have passed but where is the key still found?

Getting soaked in a name you like means,
Lapsi roti in the palm of the hand burns blindly.

Will come ... came ... after Kaink Zurapa,
Waiting for the wet time to come.

If you listen, I will tell the story of love letters,
A hidden pain swells and creeps inside.

Important letter regarding unit test of April 2021

DD Girnar April 2021 Home Learning Time Table Declared

DD Girnar April 2021 Home Learning Time Table Declared

DD Girnar April 2021 Home Learning Time Table Declared, The Gujarat government has started a home learning program from today to ensure that students in grades 1 to 12 receive home-based education while school colleges are currently closed to curb the growing spread of the coronavirus. The event will be live on DD Girnar. In which all the subjects of 1 to 12th standard will be studied. As decided Home Learning Content is available on DD Girnar. GCERT and the team have prepared video content for the students of STD 1 to 8, and 9 to 12. The video content is available on DD Girnar Channel. The students can get the education live on their TV sets on DD Girnar Channel. 

The Department of Education has organized a “Home Learning” program for the students of Std. 3 to 8 and Std. 9 to 12 from 15/06/2020 so that the students can study at home due to the Corona epidemic.

Gujarat Home Learning STD List

  1. Home Learning for STD 1
  2. Home Learning for STD 2
  3. Home Learning for STD 3
  4. Home Learning for STD 4
  5. Home Learning for STD 5
  6. Home Learning for STD 6
  7. Home Learning for STD 7
  8. Home Learning for STD 8
  9. Home Learning for STD of 9 & 11
  10. Home Learning for STD of 10
  11. Home Learning for STD of 12

DD Girnar Channel Numbers for Home Learning [Cable + Channel]

  1. GTPL Cable DD Girnar Number – 275
  2. Airtel DD Girnar Channel Number – 589
  3. Tata SKY DD Girnar Channel Number – 1749
  4. Videocon DD Girnar Channel Number – 878
  5. Dish TV DD Girnar Channel Number – 1279
  6. Sun DD Girnar Channel Number – 660

“Home Learning” For March month 2021

This includes the schedule of broadcasts of educational programs for the month of September. In which the students of that standard as per the date and time shown in the program will be able to see the progress of their academic work without any mistake and the principals and teachers from your level should be informed immediately and necessary arrangements should be made for the success of the program.

Important Link

DD Girnar April Month Time Table

  1. STD 9 To 12 : 
    Click Here
  2. STD 6 To 8 : 
    Click Here
  3. STD 1 To 2 : 
    Click Here
  4. STD 3 To 5 : 
    Click Here
  5. View Paripatra : 
    Click Here

According to the date and time indicated, the students of that standard will be able to observe this program without fail and in order to grow in their academic work, they will immediately inform the principals and teachers from your level and make necessary arrangements for the success of the program

07 April 2021

School Inspecter Ni Kamgiri Babat No Latest GR Date 07/04/2021

School Inspecter Ni Kamgiri Babat No Latest GR Date 07/04/2021

How is the education process?  In addition, the home learning program by the state of Gujarat has three main wings. All the educational 1, contributor episodes aired on the TV are also placed on DIKSHA so that any student misses watching TV or anyone watching it again or  Any organization can contribute and watch DIKSHA at any time if required. 

 Can.  Under which, while contributing more than 200 e-content content so far, some generalities have been placed

14) To take care of things from 2020 to 6/12/2050.  As of now, the total content of ETB and home learning by the students which should be relevant to that issue, has been seen as 2,3,20,8 content together.  

The YouTube link cannot be placed, besides, the state has so far started more than 30 digital courses for teachers in which a total of 11,8,41,060 content has been viewed by teachers uploading and downloading very long videos.  Consider what you are proud of.  The point is to take care of Gujarat Jo Dunny, Pedagogy etc. in the use of DIKSHA in the whole country.  State ranks 4th, any type of advertisement or promotion January - 2021

બદલી થયેલ શિક્ષકોને 50% મહેકમ મુજબ છુટા કરો

સ્કૂલ ઇન્સ્પેકટર કામગીરી બાબત જીઆર 7/4/2021

7th April To 30 April Lockdown Ange Official Pdf By Gujarat Government.

 7th April To 30 April Lockdown Ange Official Pdf By Gujarat Government.

The Gujarat high court on Tuesday suggested the state government to take “urgent and serious steps” to curb the situation and impose lockdown for 3-4 days to curb the rising Covid cases.

The bench of Chief Justice Vikram Nath and Justice B D Karia summoned the top law officers of the government – advocate general Kamal Trivedi and government pleader Manisha Shah - and told them to convey the court’s concerns to the decision makers to take immediate steps.
After a brief discussion, the chief justice told the law officers, “You may please convey our concerns to the decision makers that urgent and serious steps need to be taken to check this (Covid-19 spread) otherwise things will go out of hand.”

He said that the situation is almost reaching a point where lockdown appears necessary. “May be 3-4 days of lockdown or curfew and then open it again after it. It will help. Like you did in March last year that there were lockdowns over the weekends. You may continue this way,” the chief justice suggested.
Justice Karia said that people are working in organizations and they may come in contact with each other. The CJ added to this by giving an example of the high court that the HC campus is facing a similar problem, where average 8-10 employees have tested Covid-19 positive.
The law officers assured the court that they would take up the issue with the highest level to address the situation.
Earlier during the discussion, the advocate general told the court that the situation was reviewed two days ago and one of the suggestions was to impose lockdown again. However, there were various views in this regard. Lockdown comes with miseries for the poor strata of people. “The government is in a catch-22 situation,” the AG said and sought guidance from the court.
The court also told the government officers to immediately impose curbs on large gatherings and put a cap of 25-50 persons for funerals and marriages. There should also not be political gatherings of large scale. The government assured the court that this suggestion would be immediately implemented.
Justice Karia was concerned about breaking the chain of virus and inquired with the government what steps are being taken in this regard. The AG appraised the court of measure taken by the civic body and said that people have a fear of getting tested. He informed the court about the quarantine policy and assured the court that the rules would be enforced.
The chief justice also asked the state government to “procure enough quantity of medicines” and nobody should suffer because of lack of medication. The court asked so when there was a discussion on shortage of remdesivir. The government assured that remdesivir will be made available in enough quantity.
The judges were concerned about the situation and said, “Things are going from bad to worse.” The chief justice even commented that some people feel that the official figure of Covid-19 cases is not real and the government shows it on a lower side. The CJ said that the HC staff is working under pressure and a standing committee meeting would soon take place to take a decision on the situation. He said that a former registrar general is seriously ill and 3-4 sitting HC judges and their family members are down with Covid at present.
The court observed that the Covid-19 situation across the state is equally bad with over 3,000 cases reported daily and the government must step up to control things. The CJ said that the hospital beds, acquired earlier in private hospitals by the government for Covid patients, have been released and the mortality rate too is going up.