04 January 2019

Have Std 5 thi 8 na student ne Fail Kari Sakashe

Have Std 5 thi 8 na student ne Fail  Kari Sakashe

Changes to the rules of non-availability of the school till eighth: Bills pass in the Rajya Sabha: However, an opportunity to pass will be given: Second time examination will be taken for the second time.

A large thorn in the way of the Modi government, which has been reforming the school's education, has recently stopped. Kennedy has been shifted from parliament to change the policy of failing to make the children out of school until the eighth grade. Now students from fifth to eighth grade can be foiled. However, it will be given a chance to pass it before. For this, the second phase of Akila of the main Kannidae Lakya examination will be taken again for two more examinations. Yesterday, in the Rajya Sabha, free and compulsory child education rights have been approved by the Kannidai Lakhiya Bill-2011. In the Lok Sabha, this bill was passed last year, Akila now introduces the Bill 2019 to strengthen the education of central human resources, Kaniday Lakshya Vikas Manch,

Prakash Javadekar. This change has been considered necessary to make this change. They said that it will improve the quality of education in Kannidae and children will be more interested in education. In this period, the Congress and other parties, including the Congress, They said that this change does not mean that Kanidai Lakki or anyone is being expelled from school. This change has been done only after the demands of parents. According to the Human Resource Development Ministry,


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