22 January 2019

LRD Recruitment Exam: Cancel Karava High Court ma RIT:Read News

LRD Recruitment Exam: Cancel Karava High Court ma RIT:Read News.

5 candidates have rushed to the extent of misrepresentation. In which application has been applied for barcode sticker, question paper in the north. The LRD EXAM was held on January 6.
LRD Recruitment Exam: Cancel Karava High Court ma rit. News Source

Two separate petitions have been filed by five candidates to cancel the examination in the High Court. Baria Gita has filed petitions .

Geeta was given an incomplete paper in the examination given on December 6. That is why he has knocked on the High Court for justice. On the other hand, number 2123 has been commissioned by four candidates. Who have canceled the examination of the locals and asked for fresh recruitment.

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