17 February 2019

Gujarat Achievement Serve [G.A.S] Exam 2019.

Gujarat Achievement Serve [G.A.S] Exam 2019.

Please Note:-

27/2/2019.na roj aakha rajya ma ek Sathe G.A.S. 2019 testStd.4- 6- 7 ma levama aavse.Pasand thayeli shalaoma j .
National Achievement Survey Type GAS

The National Achievement Survey (NAS) Type [GAS] was conducted throughout the country on November 13, 2017 for Classes 3, 5 and 8 in government and government aided schools. The survey tools used multiple test booklets with 45 questions in Classes III and V and 60 questions in Class VIII in Mathematics, Language, Environmental Sciences, Sciences and Social Sciences. The competency based test questions developed reflected the Learning Outcomes which were recently incorporated in the Central Rules for RTE Act by the Government of India. Along with the test items, questionnaires pertaining to students, teachers and schools were also used.

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