April 14, 2019

You will Be Able To See Your Booth. See The Last 3 Digits Of Team Number:

You will Be Able To See Your Booth. See The Last 3 Digits Of Team Number:

For the election employe select the district link given in the order given below and you will be able to see your booth. See the last 3 digits of team number
After an electronic voting machine arrives, a day's time is usually kept for counting. Counting is continuous and specific counting centers are set up in which the entry of unauthorized persons is prohibited in the same manner as in the polling stations. Entry letters are issued by the election officials for all the candidates, their representatives and journalists etc. Currently, counting is done according to constituency and for that the results of all polling booths are calculated and results are declared. According to the result, the party which receives the majority, constitutes its government in the center or state. There is no legal obligation to cast votes in India and it is the right of citizens, not duty.
Elections of President, Vice President and Rajya Sabha members are not directly and indirectly. They choose public representatives elected by the people. During the election, the entire administrative machinery works under the control of the Election Commission. After the announcement of the election, the Code of Conduct is implemented and every political party, its workers and candidates have to abide by it.

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