30 June 2019

Procedure to Apply For Gujarat Gazette Notification for Change of Name in Gujarat

Procedure to Apply For Gujarat Gazette Notification for Change of Name in Gujarat

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The Procedure to change Name, Surname in Gujarat Gazette is Offline, One needs to Physically Submit the request via Application to the Manager of Govt. Press & Stationery, Rajkot for publishing the Change of Name Gazette.

Gazette application is available online & Offline at Gazette office, The application Needs to be duly filled with old name, New name, Address, Mobile no etc. along with all the required documents.

Kindly make all documents ready before visiting Gazette Office, to avoid multiple visits or rejection, Multiple documents are required for applying & Apart from basic documents, even some Additional documents can be demanded on case to case basis like Divorce, Re-Marriage, Adoption or Middle name change, Change of Sex or Change of religion. Applications has to be filled as per the documents submitting & Duly Fill and Signed by applicant only before appointment, Or incase of Minor, parents or Guardian can apply.

Gazette offices is located in todtal 5 cities of Gujarat – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Gandhi nagar, But the application form is only accepted at Rajkot Gazette office

Basic Documents Required for Applying Gazette in Gujarat for change of Name 
  • Application form duly Filled 
  • Id Proof 
  • Address Proof of Gujarat 
  • Documents with Old name or Name to be corrected 
  • Change of Name Affidavit Notarized by Gujarat Notary advocate 
  • All Document must attested 
  • Important Notes while applying Change of Name in Gazette of Gujarat State 
  • Application Must be made with good intention not to Mislead or any fraudulent activities 
  • Change of Name cannot be done for a dead person 
  • Application can be made by Physical or by Post 
  • A person can only apply for self Name change 
  • Incase of Minor – Age below 18 yrs, Parents or Guardian Can apply 
  • Only a resident of Gujarat can apply in Gujarat Gazette 

Forms & Downloads-

  • Name & Surname Change Form (Gujarati) 
  • Calendar Indent Form (Gujarati) 
  • Birthdate Change Form (Gujarati) 
  • Form Store Indent (Gujarati) 
  • Stationery Indent (Gujarati) 
  • Diary Indent Form (Gujarati) 
  • Printing Requision Form (Gujarati) 

How to obtain Gazette Notiifcation copies for Change of Name in Gujarat ?Once the gazette would be published the copies will be couriered to your address provided while applying, Still copies would be available in Gazette Sales depot – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Gandhi nagar, as well in case u need extra copies you can get more.

How to Apply Change of Name Gazette in Gujarat ?First Needs to Get the application Form, get Documents ready then Physically walk in Rajkot branch or Send entire set by Indian Posat only.

How to Change Minor Name in Gazette of Gujarat ?If the Applicant is Minor i.e Age below 18 yrs, then on behalf of him father / mother / guardian can apply and submit document of them as supporting. Date of birth proof is must with the application.

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