03 June 2019

Samarth 2 online Registration Start Today on 03/06/2019

Samarth 2 online Registration Start Today in 03/06/2019.

Registration: June 3, 2019 to June 10, 2019
_ _ _ _ _ _ Who should be registered? _ _ _ _ _
Teachers studying mathematics and compassionate subjects in standard 1 and 2 will have to register.
Teachers studying Mathematics, Gujarati, Hindi, English and Environment subjects in standard 3 to 5 will have to register.
Teachers studying mathematics, science and social science in standard 6 to 8 will have to register.
____________ Special Note: ____________
1. You have to train on the basis of the subjects which you are going to teach in the year 2019-20.
2. Mathematics and science teachers, who have already been trained, have to take training this time for session 2.
3. Acharya / Chief teacher should also be trained in the subjects which are taught in the subject.

___ Registration link:
Practical: In Teachers' II program, starting from 03-06-2019, in the year 2019-20, teachers who have studied mathematics and Gujarati in standard 1 and 2, standard 3 to 5 in Mathematics, Gujarati, Hindi, English and Environment Teachers and teachers of Mathematics, Science and Social Science are subject to participate in the subject and in Std 6 to 8.
If you have participated in predictable training, then take part in competent II?
Yes, * In the predictable program, session 1 was related to session 2 in Sage II.
What to do if you do not know the teacher's code?
You can get your code by contacting your CRC, BRC and DPEO offices
Where and when to register? *
The link for registration is http://samarth2.inshodh.org/ which will open on 03-06-2019.
Even if this person is in charge as a teacher / teacher, should you take this training?
Yes, as the principal / chief teacher, the subjects which will be taught in the subject are to be trained.
Enable- II program information can be found on Facebook
Yes, to get information related to Aad- II,



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