12 June 2019

Shala Prevotshav 2019 Mokuf Rakhva Babat Latest Paripatra Date-12/06/2019 By Niyamak Shree.

Shala Prevotshav 2019 Mokuf Rakhva Babat Latest Paripatra Date 12/06/19 By Niyamak Shree.

The school provided by the 2010th program is currently postponed. Gujarat has primarily postponeing Gujarat, the primary schools in Gujarat's primary schools and secondary schools, due to the horizontal "VAYU", Gujarat has been given to the natural disaster, today, the primary decision of Gujarat is reported to all natural and other secondary schools, and all the government officials associated within this program are also reported in this information. Now this program has been postponed until new dates are public.

Rupani called on the officials to ensure that the programmes don’t merely become a government initiative for children’s admission into the schools, but, they become “Educational Seva Yagna” to prove government schools as the best in coming days.

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