03 July 2019

D.A. Increas By 3 percentage of Gujarat Government Employee

D.A. Increas By 3 percentage of Gujarat Government Employee

Gujarat government on saturday announced to increase the Dearness Allowance (DA) of more than 9.61 lakh employees and pensioners by 3 percent with retrospective effect of January 1, 2019
With this the DA has been increased from 9 to 12 %. DyCM cum Finance Minister Nitin Patel said that the increased salary would be paid from February month along with the arrears since July last year.
This decision would put an additional annual burden of Rs 771 crores on the state exchequer.
He said that a total of 9,61,638 employees and pensioners including 206447 employees of the state government, 225083 of Panchayati Institutions, 79599 others and total 450509 pensioners would be benefited from the increase.
Patel clarified that the total arrears since July would be paid at one time with February salary (to be paid in March this year).


In good news for over nine lakh state government employees and pensioners, the Gujarat government has hiked the dearness allowance (DA) to nine per cent from the existing seven per cent.

The increase of two per cent will come into effect retrospectively from July 1, 2018, announced Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel in Gandhinagar Thursday.
The hike will benefit over 5.11 lakh state government employees and over 4.5 lakh pensioners.

Another employee-oriented decision taken by the state government

More than 9 lakh officers / employees of state government pensioners
3% dearness allowance will be benefitted: Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel

• Benefit to 9,61,638 employees of state government and panchayat employees as well as pensioners
• Annual Rs. 1071 crores additional cost

Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel said that the State Government has decided to give dearness allowance of Rs. 01.01.2019 to 3 lakh employees / employees and state pensioners of 3%. The dearness allowance will be paid with the salary of July-2013, which will give additional burden of Rs 1071 crore annually to the state government.

Shri Patel added that Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has made several decisions for government employees, as part of which the decision has been taken after discussions today. 2,06,447 of the state government, 2,25,083 of the panchayat department, 79,599 and 4,50,509 pensioners were found by other employees, total 9,61,638 officers / employees and pensioners were granted the State Finance Seven Benefits of the Finance Commission According to which pay and pension are currently paid.

He said that the officers and employees of the state government, panchayat and other grantable organizations are being benefitted with seven pay pensions. Government of India sanctioned 2% dearness allowance from 01.07.2018. State government officials and employees are being paid 9% dearness allowance in addition to their salary. The Government of India has declared 3% dearness allowance for more than 3% dearness allowance in the state government, in respect of which the state government officials and employees have decided to pay more 3% dearness allowance on center basis and with the payment of salaries of July-2013 The increase of this 3% dearness allowance will be paid in cash from July 01, 2010, with effect from 01.01.2019. Due to this decision, the state government will increase the burden of an estimated Rs 1071 crore annually.


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