24 July 2019

List of primary schools to be merged official chek all school name 2019/20.

The Department of Education has proposed to merge the lesser number of government primary schools in the state as well as the adjoining schools in the higher primary with only standard 7 or sth.  A survey has been issued by the Primary Director's Office.  With such a large number of schools being merged together, the number of teachers in primary schools will decline and more than 3,000 teachers will be inactive.  Because of this, experts are voicing their views on the hiring of teachers in the coming days.
List of primary schools to be merged official chek all school name 2019/20.
As per the information in the Right to Information Act, the total number of vacancies in the primary schools of the state stood at 6,3 in standard 1 and 2 and in standard 1 to 7, totaling 6,9 posts.  Against which, now, there will be a mega closure of 5 schools, then the vacant teachers will have to accommodate the vacant teachers of these schools.  Sources say the number is estimated to be more than 3,000.  So that the vacancies of the teachers currently being filled up, the chances of new recruitment appear to be diminished for the next two to three years, until the teachers retire.

In this regard, the Director of Primary Education said, "Based on the data we have, this list has been prepared but in this regard it will be kept in mind that if only five children are studying in one school and it will be difficult for the child to attend other schools."  Will be continued as usual.  He also said that the government will decide whether to merge the schools after the survey is completed.  The Directorate has directed in the circular that all the schools mentioned in the list of taluka by the concerned taluka primary education officer should be visited manually.  Will have to write.  The student will have to be considered in the school after considering every aspect of interest.

Divide schools into four categories
Only standard .3 running school
With less than 1 student running Std
Std. 1 to 3 have less than 1 student
The total number of primary schools is less than 1. 5
Total number of schools to be merged.


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