25 October 2019

Indoor Activities Kids For Home At Vacation and Spare Time

Indoor Activities Kids For Home At Vacation and Spare Time

Here we have try our best to give you a bunch of great activities for your children.We have put best activities for kids at home.Normally the children are very interesting in coloring, crafting, drawing, playing indoor and outdoor games, dancing, cutting, paper work, science experiments telling stories, sand work, memory games, making toys, puzzles, celebrating festivals etc.
  • Games and activities that will challenge and develop your child's imagination, creativity, thinking skills and social skills.Search our KIDS ACTIVITY for more great ideas for the toddlers.
  • It is called indoor activities for kids and also indoor activities for preschools.The always like to do activities.Remember the children never want to be free.
  • Activity-based learning or ABL describes a range of pedagogical approaches to teaching. Its core premises include the requirement that learning should be based on doing some hands-on experiments and activities.
DOWNLOAD : Baal-Ramato
  • The idea of activity-based learning is rooted in the common notion that children are active learners rather than passive recipients of the information. If the child is provided the opportunity to explore by their own and provided an optimum learning environment then the learning becomes joyful and long-lasting.
  • Coloring ABCD and Numbers.Click on the below links.
>> ABCD-KAKKO | English Kakko>> Ekdi Shabdoma | Ekdi Ankoma
>> 1 to 10-Anko | 11 to 20-Anko
>> 21 to 30-Anko | 31 to 40-Anko
>> 41 to 50-Anko

  • Under Activity Based learning education main focus is on the child or we can say that it is one of child-centered approach. It develops self-learning skill among the learners and allows a child to study according to his or her skill. 

Test Papers and Activities
  • Activities here can be in the form of songs, Drawings, Rhymes, Role play to teach a letter or a word, solve mathematical problems, form a sentence, understand social science or even concept of science. The learner takes report Card only after completing all the steps in a subject. If a child is absent even a single day he starts from where he left unlike in the old system and the child had to do self-learning of the missed portions.
  • Indoor activities for preschoolers.Click on the below links.
    >> Flower Birds | Hand Creation
    >> Shabd Chitra | Shabd Chitra 2
    >> Kagal kaam | Chitak kaam

    >> Rangoli | Chitak kaam 2
    >> Thumb pictures | Gadi kaam
    >> Baal-Melo Module | Vibhago
    >> Baal-Melo Activities List
    >> Ghaliyal Jota Shikho

    • Activities in each milestone include games, rhymes, drawing, and songs to teach a letter or a word, form a sentence, do maths and science, or understand a concept. The child takes up an Exam Card only after completing all the milestones in a subject.
    • More Activities

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