04 November 2019

Educational News A drastic change in school exams

Educational News A drastic change in school exams

After many years of rigorous steps are being taken with the reforms of the state primary education, one after another, which is getting lazy. It is also getting positive results. Schools are starting to become regular. Teachers are going to school regularly.

The role of the Minister of State for Cabinet Education comes first in the smooth and quality dynamic administration of the state's primary education. Secondly education secretary and thirdly primary education director. On the strong axis of the three, it is the responsibility of giving the state primary education a new direction. Unfortunately for the last four-five years, the primary education director has been in charge of the place.

At the district level, the primary education officer has a very important role in the universalization of primary education and quality education in the district. He is also in charge of millions of rupees as a district project coordinator throughout the education campaign. The responsibility for implementing programs for quality of education, implementing innovative schemes in the primary schools of the district effectively. It is imperative that the most dedicated, skilled officers be educated in this highly sensitive and dignified place.

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