13 November 2019

How To Claim WorkPlace Account ? Watch Gujccc Official Video

How To Claim WorkPlace Account ? Watch Gujccc Official Video

Facebook Workplace par tamaru Account kevi rite banavsho ?
Gujarat Government Commabd and Control ma Workplace by Facebook par tamaru Account kevi rite Banavsho. Juo Official Video by GUJCCC.

Important Video Link :

 Watch Video : Click here

Facebook Workplace Application Useful Information In Workplace

Circular on Downloading and Running a Facebook Workplace App

The Government of Gujarat Education Department invites you to claim your account at 'Workplace'. Click the link below and claim your account at WorkPlace. Click

Workplce Account Create  Link

Important Link For Application Download

 Download Facebook Workplace Application : Click Here

Facebook. Website. www.workplace.com. Workplace is an enterprise connectivity platform developed by Facebook, Inc. and featuring tools like groups, instant messaging and News Feed.

Work tools that change everything. Communicate, collaborate and connect across desktop and mobile, using familiar features such as groups, chat and video calls. ... Our instant messaging feature lets you chat one-to-one or in groups, reaching anyone in your organisation with text

Workplace is a mobile and web app that aims to keep your team members connected. The service, which used to be called Facebook Work, offers features like Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, built-in audio and video calling, and access to the social network's profiles, Events, and Live video tools.

About Workplace

What is Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace is a dedicated and secure space for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Organisations of all sizes can use familiar Facebook features such as News Feed, groups, messages and events to get things done.

What features are available in Workplace that can replace some of our existing workplace tools?

Companies find that they can eliminate or drastically reduce their need for internal collaboration tools such as their intranet, telephony systems, video conferencing and distribution lists.
Workplace does more than just simplify communications – it inspires all levels of the company to embrace digital and mobile, and adopt a culture of speed and transparency.
In addition, Workplace is easy to use because it's based on familiar Facebook features like News Feed, groups and messages. No training is required.

How many companies are using Workplace?
I would like to try Workplace.

We have 30,000 companies around the globe using Workplace.
These companies span multiple industries – retail, technology, telecommunications, financial services, media, entertainment, food and beverage, transport, property, utilities, shipping and government.

Read In Gujarati About Workplace

 Read Workplace file in Gujarati : Click here 

Workplace for Good is free for nonprofits and staff of educational institutions, with resources to help organizations dedicated to creating an impact.

Hon'ble Secretary Mr. Rao Saheb is scheduled to hold a video conference with Banaskantha teachers at 4 pm on Monday through Facebook's Workplace app.

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1st Video Conferencing With Banaskantha district Teachers and CRC and BRC

Watch Video : Click here

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