December 16, 2019

Income Tax Online Calculator for Ay 2020-21 and Financial Year 2019-20

Income Tax Online Calculator for Ay 2020-21 and Financial Year 2019-20 

FAQs on Income Tax 

Calculation in India Q What is income ? Income means the amount that an individual earns in exchange for providing goods or services.In other words, income is the sum of all the wages, salaries, profits, interests payments, rents, and other forms of earnings received for a period of time. For the purpose of taxation, income has been categorized into five heads : Income from Salary .For detail please click here Income from House Property. For detail please click here . 

Income from Profit & Gain of Business & Profession Income from Capital Gain Income from Other Sources Q What is income tax ? An income tax is a direct tax which is imposed on assessee depending upon the their respective income or profit. In other words, it is the tax levied on the income earned. Q When income tax is required to be paid ? Income Tax is required to be paid when your income exceeds the Basic Exemption Limit. This limit is specified by the government every year. Currently, it is Rs. 2,50,000 for Individual below the age of 60 Years. Q What is the period for which tax is calculated? Tax is charged on any income earned during the period April 1- March 31. The year in which the income has been earned is known as the ‘previous year’ and the year in which the tax is calculated, is known as the ‘assessment year’. Q What are the benefits of tax calculation beforehand? You should calculate Taxes beforehand so that you are able to set aside the funds which you will be needing for paying taxes at the time of filing return.

Therefore, at the time of return filing, you don’t have to rush for arranging funds.The other benefit is, it lets you know that whether your taxes will go up or down in comparison to the previous year. Q How to calculate income tax in India? In India,the Income tax is calculated on the basis of tax rates and slabs defined by Finance Ministry in the budget which is presented every year.

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