02 April 2020

My ration my right | Put a ration card number and know how many rations are available to you

Tamaro Rashan card number Nakho ane Jano ke tamne Ketlu Rashan Malva patra 6.
Includes guidelines and videos for how to survey and make entries.  The first thing to do is to give priority to persons from abroad and then to ensure that all the population is surveyed.

 The list of persons from overseas is available in the dashboard and field workers' mobiles in the district, and includes a guideline for the work done under it.

 Micro planning for the survey will be done by the Chief District Health Officer in all the districts and the  will have to retain the education staff, anganwadi worker or other e co-ordination of this program will be done by the Collector and the Municipal Commissioner in the Corporation in each district.  - The suspected cases found during the survey will have to be entered in the OPD module by the Medical Officer.  (guideline and video will be made available).

 All district will have to have intensive supervision under survey by the Chief District Health Officer and Medical Officers Health in the corporation.

 If you have any questions regarding the Taco Plus application you should contact the Taco Coordinator in the district or contact techo@gujarat.gov.in.
Relation to Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), which is being spread all over the world, by the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat for all its citizens. Accordingly, the government has advised the citizens to work from their homes and to avoid public contact as per their advice.

The Government of India's Ministry of Labor has also taken into account the possibility of workers being removed from their jobs or forced to remain on leave without pay, in order to make it possible for employers / employees of public / private organizations to employ all workers or employees working in their organization / factory, especially employers or employees. Encourage employees not to quit their jobs or reduce their pay As well as many workers / employees is possible to configure the system that can work from home.

Organizations can also create action plans that provide employees with a laptop / tablet. If a laborer / employee is identified as suspected of being affected or affected by the corona virus or for other reasons associated with this epidemic, if they are absent by date 15/04/2020 then they are considered to be present on the job and any of their pay. Do not shake or we should be committed to the social responsibility of assisting the workers and their families in times of crisis by providing financial and moral support to the laborers working in the state / private institutions / factories in the state.


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