17 May 2020

Lockdown 4.0. New Guildlines will be declared tomorrow.

The central government has extended the lockdown till May 31. Restaurants and hotels are not currently exempt. The school-college will be closed. No domestic flight services will start right now. The central government has said that the state governments will decide on red, green and orange zones. Home delivery is allowed in the restaurant. Apart from that the sports complex and stadium can be opened without spectators. Now, according to Corona's case, the central government has given the power to the states to decide which area is in the red, green or orange zone.

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 What will be closed according to the new order

- Every domestic and international flight except medical service
-Metro service, school, college
- Hotel, Restaurant, Cinema Hall, Shopping Mall, Gym, Swimming Pool, Auditorium

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- All kinds of social and religious programs
-Religious places will be closed.
- The ban on going out from 7 pm to 7 am is still in force.
The following activities may be started with some relaxation
-Passenger vehicle and bus service can be started with the consent between the states
- Now the state government can decide which area is in the red, orange and green zones.
-Only required service will be allowed to continue in the containment zone.

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Earlier on Sunday, six hours before the end of the third phase of the lockdown, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) had written a letter to the Center and the state government asking them to extend the lockdown by 14 days. At 9 pm tonight, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gaba will hold a video conferencing with the Chief Secretaries of State. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab and Mizoram have already announced an extension of lockdown till May 31.

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Following the outbreak of Corona virus in the country, the central government has issued a lockdown 4.0 case. It has been announced that Lockdown 4.0 will be implemented across the country till May 31. The Central Government has issued a general guideline with this. However, it also said that the state governments can decide the zones on their own and give concessions. A high level meeting of the Gujarat government is currently underway on this issue. It remains to be seen what the state government will announce in its guidelines on Lockdown 4.

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Live Lockdown 4.0 Update
The state government will now be able to decide which area is in the red, orange and green zones.

The Home Ministry may issue new guidelines at any time today regarding this Lockdown 4.0. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has hinted at increasing the lockdown in his national address. But the PM also said that Lockdown 4 would be completely new, with a number of changes to be made.

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Officials in several states said the guidelines defining containment zones, a key guidance document for enforcing lockdown 4.0, would come by Saturday and it was likely to divide a district into red, orange and green zones, unlike the existing methodology of categorizing an entire district as red, orange or green.

What could be in Lockdown 4.0

- Citizens have to take care of their own health and safety
- The economy will be focused on Lockdown 4.0
- States can be exempted from the Center
- Travel and industries can be exempted in the green zone
- Also allowed to run buses and taxis in the green zone
- Tourist train will not start at present
- But special trains and labor trains will continue as before and the number and route will be increased

- Domestic airline service may also be considered on some routes from 18 May


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