17 June 2020

CRC Co. NI Pratinuyukti Babat Paripatra.

CRC Co. NI Pratinuyukti Babat Paripatra.

Manniya Mukhymantri Shri Nu Sanbodhan Jova Babat.

The CRC Will not be Dismissed Until a New CRC is Appointed. R.C. Letter of SSA Regarding Deputation of Co.Presentation Of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union On 5/6/2020 .Pursuant to the Above Subject , CRC Co. Recommendation of DPCs of Various District For Cancellation of Deputation as per the Application Received by The Office here has been Ratified to cancel the deputation of Crc co.

In this Regard, The Deputation Has been Asked to Cancel the Deputation in View of the Details Under Section 1 to 4 for the Action to be Taken Before Canceling the Deputation.

Under Which it is Stated From Order That if There is no Waiting List of CRC Co. the Deputation of the Concerned Should Continue till new Recruitment is doen. Subject to the Aforesaid Details of the Action to be Taken Before Cancellation od Deputation with Reference to From Gujart State Primary Teachers Union it has been Submitted that if there is no Waiting List of CRCco. It doesn't Matter if they are Fired but the teachers get the School order so that the place taken by crc in the upcoming transfer camp is not shown.

In View of the Submission of Gujarat State Primary teachers Union in the Above Matter, it is Stated That The Resignation Application for Deputation of CRC co. has been Ratified Here by And Make The Selection and take Necessary Action.BUt Until a CRC co. is Appointed for this employee cluster they will be given a CRC co. to Continue in Operation as. 

CRC Co. Ni Pratiniyukti Babat Paripatra.

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