30 July 2020

New Education Policy Is Declared after 34 years new policy is rule soon

New  Education Policy Is Declared after 34 years new policy is rule soon

The Ministry of Education is emphasizing on developing a new national curriculum framework to improve the quality of education provided at the primary level. The framework will also cover knowledge of different languages, 21st century skills, sports in the course, arts and environmental issues.

The central government has approved the new education policy. Simultaneously, the name of the Ministry of Human Resource Development has been changed to the Ministry of Education. Understand that the 10 + 2 format has been completely abolished in the new education policy.

Now it is divided into 10 + 2 and molded into 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 format. This means that now the first five years of school will include three years of pre-primary school and foundation stages including class 1 and class 2. Then the next three years will be divided into class 3 to 5 preparation phase.

This is followed by three years of middle stage (class 6 to 8) and four years of secondary stage (class 9 to 12). Apart from this there will be no strict adherence to arts, commerce, science stream in schools, students can now take whatever course they want.

Some special points of the new education policy

  • -Emphasis on making teachers as well as parents aware.
  • - Promoting the abilities of each student will be a priority.
  • -Increases conceptual understanding, promotes creativity and critical thinking.
  • -There will be no difficulty, separation between art and science for students.
  • -Ethics, constitutional values ​​will be a major part of the curriculum.

Some other important aspects of the new education policy

  • By 2040, all higher education institutions will have to create multi-subject institutions with more than 3000 students.
  • By 2030, there will be at least one large multi-subject high institution in or near each district. 
  • -The curriculum of institutions will be such that emphasis will be laid on the development of public institutions.
  • -Organizations will have the option to run open distance learning and online programs.

  • -All kinds of deemed and related universities created for higher education will now only be known as universities.
  • -The goal of developing all the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral capabilities of human beings in an integrated manner.
The new education policy will include music, philosophy, arts, dance, theater, higher education courses.


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