July 19, 2020

Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) Infection / Controlling Prevention:

Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) Infection / Controlling Prevention:

 All offices required by the State Government in connection with the distribution of essential / public services as well as all offices except Containirent Zones are socially spaced with 100% staff. Staggered Timing 2a day adi , 15 / or / Rodi ukux Offices, Standard Operating Procedure for Maintaining Social Distance in the Workplace. Was given by circular.
Home Guard services will be provided by the Home Department for scanning of all staff / officers on duty in the new Secretariat Complex as well as visitors with thermal scanner / infrared gun. In this regard and the standard operating procedure (standard operating procedure) issued by the circular dated 18/4/2050 and 30/7/2010 of the general administration department.

The services of two homeguards should be made available on the ground floor of each block with the necessary coordination by the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Security) in relation to the services of homeguards provided by the Home Department. If an suspicious matter (like fever symptoms) appears in the employee's relationship, immediately enter the relationship in the register provided by the Home Department.
The Deputy Secretary (Mahesh) / Deputy Secretary (Establishment) on duty will have to be informed about it, and if any suspicious matter (like fever symptoms) is found in relation to any visit, the present security staff should be informed so that preventive action can be taken.

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