03 August 2020



Hello friends, why are you all beware of coronavirus now because coronavirus is not gone yet the number of people infected with coronavirus is still increasing day by day and due to this coronavirus the whole of Gujarat and the whole world is advancing in health and prosperity. We now know that the only way to prevent coronavirus is not to leave the house without work and whenever it is necessary to leave, it is very necessary for the person to come and take a bath immediately whenever he enters the house and boil all his clothes in some hot water. It is also very important to wash with powder as this coronavirus can cause a lot of problems.

Friends, we are here to provide you with date wise daily statistics of coronavirus of Gujarat as well as daily statistics of India and the world accurately and according to government statistics and government press notes. We are not bound to give you this kisli information. Hopefully today's update of Corona is as follows.. 
Source-zee 24. kalak

Just keep visiting our blog to get all the updates of Corona every day and keep visiting our blog for all the educational information of the country-world as well as Gujarat. Thank you very much for visiting this blog. Just like this you are on this blog every day. By visiting, you can see the latest information directly and further your knowledge. Along with this, very important educational and job advertisements will be placed here in an accurate form. It is a humble request that you pay special attention to them. More than fifty thousand people across Gujarat. Done, you friends too, stay connected and don't work outside the home because this coronary infection is a very big disease. Its vaccine has been claimed by a country called Russia but not found in fact. India is also showing great readiness to find its vaccine. And is also in conflict with China. In the same way, we hope that Indian research will come from India

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