29 September 2020

Educational News Updates on Date 29/09/2020


There is a shortage of language teachers in all the districts in the primary schools. There is a shortage of hundreds of teachers in government schools from primary to higher secondary. The place of teachers teaching languages ​​should be filled up by a high standard of education in the state. The government primary is the most vacant. In which there are hundreds of vacancies in government schools and also in government schools. Only now there are private school students in Std. 1 to 5 in the district. Amid claims that the government is unilaterally bringing in 181 new language education policies, 23 in Rajkot, the government is asking teachers to bring in 15 equipped Panchmahals, 131 in Dahod and hundreds of teacher vacancies in schools. Is. This is an example of how many students are getting quality education in Morbi, 12 in Morbi, 202 in Jamnagar, 121 in Bharuch, 12 in Banaskantha, 12 in schools and 12 in higher education to provide adequate staff. There are 108 vacancies in important Gandhinagar, 114 vacancies in Anand, 150 vacancies in English, Mathematics or Sabarkantha which are considered as 54 subjects in the secondary section and 18 vacancies in Surendranagar. There are hundreds of vacancies in science and there are vacancies in other districts as well. Subjects to be taught by the government include English, math and science teachers or other frequently recruited teachers. When these spaces are forced to complete the course. Although assured, the Department of Education is not in a position to respond to the large number of maths and science teachers in primary schools due to vacancies. And most of the posts of English teachers from primary to secondary and from Ahmedabad district to Kutch, December-2017 are vacant. Students up to Higher Secondary Dang, Banaskantha, Valsad Porbandar due to which children have difficulty in primary education.

At present 40 diplomas in engineering in Mockround - Degree in Pharmacy on 14th Degree in Engineering. In the first phase, out of 1000 students, out of 1000 students, then in the second phase, 40,050 for registration and only 115 colleges in Pharmacy have been allotted.  The process will be started.  Admission student registered.  As a result of which more than 24,000 seats, sources in the committee say that at present the mockround in engineering is also vacant.  In this case the entry has now been completed in the second phase registration supplement.  Ta.  The committee has decided to re-open the students who have passed the registration examination till the 20th.  In which and at present in the first phase for which the Choice Filling of Degree Engineering and Degree-Diploma students have been instructed to register.  The first round will be held on October 6 to give a chance to those who have re-registered in the pharmacy.  The admission process has been determined.  Registration will be extended in degree days after the completion of the first phase announcing the allotment of the next college.  The important thing is that the program will be announced in engineering from 9th October. 



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