31 October 2020

New rules are improvement from 1 November 2020 which can effected you.

 New rules are improvement from 1 November 2020.

Many new rules are getting to be implemented across the country from holy day of obligation. it'll directly affect your pocket and life, so you wish to understand these rules beforehand . All Saints' Day , i.e. from this Sunday, many changes are getting to happen , from the LPG cylinder to the train timetable. So let's study these new rules ... 1. LPG Isfaa2-11 GUH GHECULARI The delivery rule for LPG cylinders will change from All Saints' Day . Oil companies will implement the Delivery Authentication Code (DAC) system from All Saints' Day , i.e. an OTP are going to be sent to the customer's registered mobile number before taking delivery of the gas. When the cylinder arrives at your home it'll need to be shared with the OTP deliveryman and can match the OTP system therefore the cylinder are going to be delivered immediately.

8 12 SORG UTILITY. Gas - Cylinder prices will change Shaan less company determines the worth of PG Finder monthly receipt date, in km. Attendance are often and relief also can be found. In such a situation, the worth of a cylinder may change on All Saints' Day . In October, Adele Neo raised the worth at Kapasia Sinhod, 4. The train's timetable will change. From All Saints' Day , Indian Railways goes to exchange Deda Tar's train, Time Tabha. 1. The new timetable of the train are going to be released from November. From this foot.13 passengers and? Hakkar Paravahak train time will end. 1 Newcomer Country 3: Radha's Nina schedule also will be trampled also as Jis Express Andagali will run between New Delhi and 1 will depart every Wednesday, 5. Interest are going to be less on BI bank account SBI SBI help om 1 , SBI's Circulating Account '. Will get present. Hud can pay rate of interest from 1% to Rs. 1 lakh on deposits of Rs. 1 lakh from 2% to Rs. there'll be mercy .. 6. Extra charge will need to be purchased depositing money in BOB From today onwards, customers can apply for the account 3 times a month

Sometimes she has got to pay Rs. 150, she has got to open a wing account. Parkco said that the cash is free in Juma till the question, but Pakko Rahoko ch. Times deposited money. āŠĪ. you'll need to earn extra Rs 40 per yard. The people of Jhan Khana have gotten some relief during this , there'll be no fee for his or her deposit, although they're going to need to pay a charge of Rs 150 on withdrawals.

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