December 03, 2020

Prathmik shikshako ni badli karyvahi babat no Paripatra

 Prathmik shikshako ni badli karyvahi babat no Paripatra

Because such a child friendly class works as a working model or ever-changing, this information changes from time to time, the village has a large Muslim population. However, the children have left their clothes and come to school uniforms with the help of their guru.

That is also not a low achievement of the teachers here, all the teachers of the school seemed to be strong. Lemons are grown in the school premises. The garden was also provided. Trees are also given atleast priority. The school's compound wall is incomplete and efforts are being made to complete it. The school has an inadequate urinal. From now on, a separate Jajru-urinal for Kumar Kanya is planned in the future.

The enthusiasm of the entire teachers Sarvashri Maganbhai Prajapati, Kantibhai Bhatia, Karasanji and the young teacher brothers and sisters is responsible for making the school alive, though the Sarpanch of the village Shri Rahim Khan and De The contribution of Sarpanch Shri Manilal Mewada and the villagers is not insignificant.

He too has always been at the forefront of reviving his school. I wish! May every one of our schools get such Sarpanch Shri and Shri Manilal Mewada! And the harmony of such a harmonious teacher family! * • Bamnoj Ta. Danta (B.K.) Note: M.T.A = Mother Teachers Board P.TA = Guardian Teachers Board VEC = Prap Education Board TV Here is a summary of some of the research that shows how the show contributes to our development (?) And to the growing anesthesia among child viewers.

Of the children who go, 44% see pictures on the TV screen that are different from their real world. The result is a dilemma in children. 47% of children want to live in other countries instead of their own country. Children like to go and live in countries like USA, France, Canada, Thailand where there is an aggressive, dynamic and bright life.

Their choice is simply because of the world of television. 9% of the children were those who ran away from home at some point. Seven-and-a-half percent of children demonstrated aggression by using a weapon. 16 percent of children reported that most of the deaths in their neighborhood were from homicide. Children from smaller South Asian countries were more likely to be victims of such devastating effects of TV.

India also has a large number of such children. TV for adults at home. This habit is also falling on the young children of the house due to the continuity of the habit of seeing. Dish antenna is considered a symbol of family prestige and civility today. New - 8 hours of new channels, constantly flowing "entertainment waterfall" continues to ax children's sensitivity. TV The scenes depicting fights, incitement to violence, and distractions from real life have a detrimental effect on immature children.

Violence pervades Kumla's brain. Feelings of tolerance, empathy and empathy go away and they become insensitive. (Excerpt from ‘New Freedom’) Not Gunawantrai, Joshi Babapur [20] you jugo).

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