22 February 2021

First session First Sem test time table For School 2021

First session First Sem test time table For School

 Resain Maintenance of Power Thrasher.  Repair and Maintainance of Tillaga and Sowing Equem Wood Craft, Blood Bank Operation Bans Kala (Hindi), Batik, Gudia Nirman (Hindi). 

Preparation Broad and Other Yeast Leavened Products, Preservation of Food and Vegetables by Drying and Dehydration Preservation of Food and Vegetables Using Salt, Vinegar and Oil.  Production Cosmetics, Soft Toys, Textile care and Design. 

 Tie and Dye and Kastha Kala el 24 aula Central Reward Scheme on Vocationalization of Secondary Education (1988) Introduction to Professionalization of Education  Program (VEP) was introduced. 

 Higher Secondary Education In 1978, a committee chaired by Mr. Malcolm S. Adi Sheshia suggested that in the curriculum design for business stream for Phase 2+, language (15% of total time) (i) General Foundation Course (15% of total time) and u)  There should be vocational choice subjects (70 of total time).  Every Saturday I am in Honeymoon to harvest. AND 0.12 utilraun 55cm is mine)  Achieves annual rank if I do! Mo puja an, Ah Jama. Our pto vino gad lpik soy, khorl certificates are reflected, werell  mind YA Provisions of and changes of various conditions. I have done his Raksha Ke Khagri Sam from 1995-92 to this 12 o'clock. Provision has been made for VR / Paksha Thaitaksh Dal E13 in Shri Jakha.  , Pre-Vocational Education (SR.1) for Yoghurt Fat Development  Se?. 



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