22 March 2021

New Karyakram For Online Antrik Badali.

 New Karyakram For Online Antrik Badali. 

First of all the teacher has to get the latest passport size photo and signature sample in 100 KB as well as whatever. Support for change of priority can be scanned in advance in 300 KB and saved in mobile or computer

The teacher who applies online has to register his / her school dias code, school dias name, pay center school dias code, pay center school dias name as well as teacher code as per SAD.

 In addition to this, you have to get the advance print or write down of the vacancies shown in your district by department and subject wise and also you have to get the name and dice code of the school and its P.S. Select the schools of your choice from them and prioritize them. 

We are sending you all the papers of the representations that have been made.

It is said that the establishment of recruitment will be clear only after the completion of the transfer camp and the work of the education department is completed on time. If the establishment is different then why the camps are not held. Consider the above matter very serious and convey our grievances to the government. If necessary, also take the officer in the debate. This question touches the following persons

When applying for an online teacher transfer district internal camp, first of all, your e-mail id. And will have to register from a mobile number. For which Exact ca u below on teacher transfer portal? Sch: Beciclare bar Now Candino toga ratos The applicant will then have to write his full name for registration. E-mail id And will have to write the mobile number. 

The district or town education committee will have to be selected. You will need to enter a password that you can remember. You have to confirm the password and write the code. Registration has to be done by clicking on the register button. Clicking on the Register button will bring an 8 digit OTP to your mobile. Your registration will be completed by entering the correct OTP and clicking on the submit button. Now the applicant can enter the e-mail id registered in Login with Your Credentials on the home page. And login with password. Enter the caption code and login by clicking on the login button. Forgot Password at the bottom of the home page if not logged in? Clicking on your mobile number will enter the password in your mobile. 

હાલ સર્વર સ્લો ચાલે છે. ઓર્ડર લીંક ખુલવામા રાહ લાગી શકે છે. ચેક કરતા રહેવુ.

 What is the point of recruiting 100% of the vacancies in the district only after one district transfer. We do not understand the same. At present we have not done one district transfer for three years. After the applications of those who applied in December were accepted, the pro-district district did not accept the applicants till 31/12/2019. At present, the excuse of Corona has been removed. There are many questions but it is up to the authorities to solve them. We as a teacher are ashamed to give advice again and again. We have a special request to you that thousands of sisters / widows / couples / handicapped and Respecting the sentiments of the teachers, you will do a great job of recruiting only after completing 100% of the vacancies left for one year.

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