24 May 2021

Online course on Diksha for teachers, principals, crc, brc Basic course of disaster and management..

 Online course on Diksha for teachers, principals, crc, brc Basic course of disaster and management..

Lately the clouds have rained mindlessly.  The rains shook the whole of Gujarat.  Rivers, canals, lakes, lakes, springs all came alive.  Most of the rivers flowed on two banks.  Haiyan is shocked to see these flowing rivers.  The Watrak-Meshwo rivers also flow adjacent to my village.  After a long time these rivers became two banks.  The sight of this noisy and flowing river catches the eye.

     As soon as the water comes in the river, the villagers greet it.  The water of this river comes with a lot of pleasure.  An atmosphere of joy pervades the entire village.  However, during heavy rains, all the creatures get stuck in the palate.  One inch of rising water is obtained.  People make signs on the ground to get the rising water crown.  Also, keep a tree, plant or space intact.  However, the rising water of the river worries everyone.  The sound of flowing water sounds scary.  The villagers try to please the river mother.  Worship the river mother and beg to do khamaiya.  And indeed, it seems to be getting the blessings of the river mother.  The river water begins to recede.

       At the time of flood in the river, the village is on the whole dhora  The villagers are overwhelmed with shovels, pickaxes and tobacco.  Destroy the soil where needed.  This base is the flood protection wall made of mud of our village.  People make their own contributions.  A unique Shramayagna is found.  He stays up all night.  The geography of our village was such that an island-like situation was created.  Water is all around the village.  If the river turns towards the village…!

Those fields become green and can be seen singing Harkha's songs.  The lush green mall seems to welcome us;  Let him smile as if he were smiling in front of us.  As if we are eager to talk to you right now!  As well as the fields, the sheds also become green.  As if he too has worn green!  Wherever you look on earth, there is only greenery!  Wherever you look, there is only vegetation!

      The dry lake and the dry river also come to life.  The whirlpool of water rising in the lake makes the river look beautiful.  Then the music of the waterfalls and the springs seems enchanting.  All these have come alive and danced with the rain water!

   This pleasant atmosphere of nature also awakens new consciousness in animals and birds.  In the pouring rain, the peacock expresses his joy by doing art and dancing.  Thus the elements of nature are seen enjoying the rain.

    This delightful view of nature gives unique joy to Haiyan and Anero.


Online course on Diksha for teachers, principals, crc, brc Basic course of disaster and management


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