07 June 2021

UDISE+ 2021-22 Ni Kamgiri Karva Babat Paripetra | UDISE Plus 2021 Entry

 UDISE+ 2021-22 Ni Kamgiri Karva Babat Paripetra | UDISE Plus 2021 Entry

UDISE code is associated with school which has a lifecycle from opening to closure. UDISE code also follows the similar lifecycle. It has four stages:

1. UDISE code generation
2. Modification in school details
3. Change in UDISE status
4. Permanent Closure of School
UDISE code is permanent in nature and once assigned to a specific school, and the UDISE code becomes permanent for a school. The UDISE code can be changed manually by the centre only when the district or state of a school changes.
In the current UDISE+, UDISE code once generated shall be strictly allocated to single school only. Even in case of permanently closed schools, UDISE code would be archived.

Getting UDISE Code

Every school in the country is given a unique UDISE code. If a new school is established, the school needs to get a UDISE code for establishing their unique identity. School should undertake the following steps:
The school user should approach district MIS officer with requisite documentation especially recognition letter of the school. This is applicable for both recognized and unrecognized schools
UDISE+ (UDISE plus) is an updated and improved version of UDISE. The entire system will be online and will gradually move towards collecting data in real time. Data from 2018-19 will be collected through this software.

It will improve the quality and credibility of the data provided thereby making it analysis more robust and accurate . With the introduction of this system it will be easier for the States and UTs to monitor the progress of the schools and to reduce the time taken in data collection and analysis.

Contact UDISE Plus
Ministry of Education, Department of School Education Shastri Bhawan New Delhi - 110001

Queries Related to DCF
E-Mail : mistsg123[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : (011) 23765605(Extn.104)

Technical Queries
E-Mail: udiseplus-mhrd[at]gov[dot]in
Phone : (011) 24305000 (Extn. 65409) / (011) 24305493
Whatsapp : 9873962141,9711059824,9612780650

Website Information Manager
E-Mail: udiseplus-mhrd[at]gov[dot]in
Phone : (011) 24305000 (Extn. 65409) / (011) 24305493
Whatsapp : 9873962141,9711059824,9612780650

Official Website


Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) UDISE Plus :
Q: What is the procedure to reassign new Codes in UDISE+ if there is a new district formed?
Ans: UDISE+ Code is 11 digits code that with the first two digits representing the State and the following two digits representing the District. As change in UDISE+ Code has implication at all levels of U- DISE management, data collection, entry, analysis and utilization, it should be managed efficiently so that all measures are taken to ensure its uniformity in all stages of data management. The U- DISE State Coordinators of SSA and RMSA are responsible for managing the changes to UDISE+ Codes for Schools in event of creation of the new district.

Q: Do we need to fill DCF for Schools closed by the administration?
Ans: UDISE+ information should be provided for all formal schools that are presently providing education to children. No, UDISE+ information should not be collected for schools that have been closed. However, it is recommended that such schools should be marked CLOSED in the software while making the data entry. Other-wise such schools may give a wrong impression of school without enrolment, teachers etc.

Q: Which schools are supposed to be covered under DISE?
Ans: All the recognized schools imparting elementary education are supposed to be covered under DISE. It may include schools teaching following classes
Star From Class 1 to class 5
Star From Class 1 to class 8
Star From Class 1 to class 10/12
Star From Class 6 to class 8
From Class 6 to class 10/12
All Schools under Department of Education, Tribal or Social Welfare Department, Local body, Private. Aided and Private Unaided are supposed to be covered under DISE.

Q: Can data entry be undertaken at Block levels?
Ans: Yes, if a computer and a trained Data Entry Operator (on DISE) is available, the data entry could also be arranged at the Block level.

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