August 14, 2021

FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0Register the school in As Organize

 FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0Register the school in As Organize

 To register the teacher in Individual Registration 

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Mandatory for all teachers and school

 Date 13-08-2021 to 02-10-2021


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Five lakh and training has been provided for poverty alleviation under CUR Adivasi Vishesh Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana.  Due to which the tribal women have quality education in the agricultural scheme and double Rs.  Emphasis was placed on skill development education, a diversification project earning more than six thousand rupees.

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  One programs have been conducted.  Which has become.  Banas Dairy, Baroda Dairy, Dudhdhara facilities, lack of teachers in the tribal areas of the state due to schools in the forest area at the time, today, Dairy, Sabar Dairy, Panchmahal Dairy, Sumul tribal area has significantly increased employment to increase employment.  The MOU has been made available through the Dairy Cattle School through Tribal Dairy.  There are plans to set up a science market school haat bazaar in the area to be provided in the tribal area.  In which Rs.  

There is a loan of 50 thousand.  As all these shops have infrastructural requirement, an amount of Rs. 2,500 is paid from taluka to taluka for assistance in starting D-Sage stream school-college with facilities like roads, electricity.  Thus the beneficiary came, at one time a compound wall and clean drinking water for the tribals for a total amount of Rs.  Under which ૬ is given for purchase.  Lived years.  Today, as many hats as there are science streams are working.  Apart from this, from 2013-14 to the year 2017-20, due to schools, medical, engineering, tribal handicraftsmen, Sakhi Mandals have been given a total of Rs.  A loan of Rs.  has been doing .  And through the sale education of the product in Gandhinagar, the development of the society can be achieved by organizing handicraft trade fairs for the individual and for the new ones in the primary schools throughout the current year.

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  This will make the study available to the tribal youth in chemical fertilizers suitable for the crop as well as in providing necessary training along with medical kits at home.  Comes with locals.  More than 100 health facilities will be added for market leakage.  In setting up Vegetable Collection Centers, 14 tribes of the state have come to the district.  Tissue culture Sugarcane and bananas for NEET, GUJCET and JEE to provide financial assistance to approximately 203 farmers, free coaching for more than 15 mechanization, approximately 3 farmers through coaching center for free coaching and approximately 3 beneficiaries for honey rearing.  

FREEDOM RUN 2.0,certificate2021

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Is.  Schools are sponsored by the Government of India to make tribal women self-reliant through the Integrated Dairy Development Program and in the last four years a total of 1,2,50 dairy cattle as well as other equipment assistance such as utensil kits, transportation, have been provided.  Gujarat State Tribal Development has awarded 8 Eklavya Adarsh ​​Niwasi Eklavya Adarsh ​​Niwasi Schools by the State Government, 4 Girls Residential Schools, 12 Adarsh ​​Schools, 4 Soldiers Veterinary Insurance, Animal Treatment, Animal Mining Gujarat September, 2020

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