September 04, 2021



PUNH RACHANA 2021:- In order to maintain uniformity in the entire state, the SMC has to be restructured in the year 2021-22 (for the year 2022-2023) following which the following instructions have to be restructured. -

In case of a parent or guardian who has become a member in one term, the guardian should be able to plan so that he / she cannot get re-appointed in the reconstitution. A member of the SMC will have to inform the concerned about the appointment of a retired principal in a local educationist or a government official who is a native of the village who is retired or in service.

A parent meeting should be organized for the reconstitution of school management committee SMC by the guardian / gram sabha organizer in the school and the parents should be notified in public places a week in advance for the parent meeting as well as prepare the working record of the parent meeting for reconstitution.

In all the above matters, the guideline of Covid-19 must be strictly followed. After the restructuring of all the schools in the district, CRC Co. O. In all the schools under its purview, the school management committee has been reconstituted as per the rules of SMC. O. Gives BRC co o. Certificate that all the schools in his taluka have been restructured.

Then give it to the district project co. The Coordinator and the District Primary Education Officer will have to send a certificate to the State Project Office that all the schools in their district have been restructured.

 the skills of teachers People dogood work as much as they are expected to. It is important that we be positive about their abilities and trustthem. The more we expect our teachers todo a good job and the more we trust them, the better their class work willbe. They will also be motivated to dogreat things if you feel that we have faith in them and that some of our hopesare pinned on them.

The positiveattitude of the teacher mentor affects the feelings of the teachers, as theysee in it a friend and a colleague who is willing to ignore their mistakes, whohas faith in them and who tries to understand their situation, which is onlytheirs.

Try to improve their skills, notto show mistakes. Your Conviction andCommitment to Change Your conviction and commitment to the cause you work foris always a source of inspiration for others. It is very important to change the teaching and learning processes inprimary schools.

Unless the classroomlearning-teaching processes change, our children will not be able to achievethe defined learning outcomes. Anacademic collaborator should have full confidence in this. Only then will he be able to inspire teachersto make such a difference.

At the sametime he should keep trying to bring about this change. When teachers see theeffort you have made, they too will understand the seriousness of your purposeand will be motivated to work on it. 3)My role is important in bringing about change.

SMDC Pramanpatr apava babat paripatr Date:-04/09/2021 CLICK HERE

That confidence can only bring about change when you become a part ofit, feel responsible for it, and value your contribution. You are a driver in this process ofeducational change. So, you have to havefaith that you have something special to take this process in a pro-changedirection. We all know that it isdifficult to bring about any change on our own. It becomes easier to do the work together

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