27 October 2021



Many many congratulations to all the mothers of Karva Chauth.
️Karva Chauth (Karak Chaturthi) means a festival expressing the dedication, ease, sacrifice, greatness and devotion of the Indian woman.  Staying hungry and thirsty throughout the day, when the opportunity came to ask for a happy, happy and long life of her husband, then what is this woman's sacrifice and dedication, if not?

A woman's sacrifice and devotion to the family can be seen from the fact that whenever and wherever she got the opportunity to ask, she never asked for anything for herself, for her husband, for her progeny or for her entire family.  Just for some request.  If she asks God also, she will make any demand only for her family.

Only so that the woman who suffers so much for you should not be hurt.  The woman who is devoted to you should not be hurt any more.  Take a pledge to protect the honor of a woman who respects you more than her life.  He wants your love, not a gift.   

️ Prayer is not a group of words but a name of a condition.  Prayer can be done with words but words alone can never be prayer.  Prayer means the situation when every unsaid word we say is heard by the Lord.

Prayer is the name of the experience of the direct presence of the Lord.  There is a slight difference between a call and a prayer.  Call means request, expectation and condition of any particular desire from the Lord.

️Prayer- That feeling-state of the heart when we have nothing left but supreme blessings.  For what you have received, every moment, feel gratitude and wake up remembering Govind with gleaming eyes.  In the call there is the presence of the words, in the prayer there is the presence of the soul.  As the words fade away, the call goes on becoming a prayer.

Here every thing, matter and person has to attain a dilapidated state one day or the other.  Just don't leave anyone.  (Just say - destruction, old age or time)

But craving never gets old, it always remains young, nor does it ever perish.  It is a need to have a house, it is a desire to have a good house and what will happen to one?  There should be two or three houses, just the name of this is Trishna.

️The craving never ends.  Be prudent, be thoughtful, and be careful.  If you don't get rid of your craving, then pray to Krishna.  Only Krishna's shelter can put an end to the craving.

I dreamed so much
how far would it be if it were completed

️ Divinity should happen in your life.  The gods are not those who have made the house in heaven, but they are the ones who have made the house in heaven.  The entry of virtues, virtues and virtuous characters into life is the divine event in life and the loss of these qualities is the phenomenon of divinity from life.

It is not important that you be unique but it is important that you be elegant.  Do try but not to become great but to be a good person.  Where a good and true person is created, the process of becoming great also starts from there.

If there is any condition to become great, it is only that one should become a human being first.  Getting a human birth is not a big deal.  The birth of humanity is a big and rare thing.

         He who is pure is perfect.

Some invaluable memories of Diwali cleansing;

Emerging desire to see a small photo of my childhood and a photo of the school day

Tell the current to stop
Childhood coming together

Rain on the open head
I run barefoot

In the water flowing along the sidewalk
I am driving a paper boat

Give me a little fun balloon
I am tying the knot of the bicycle

Lead the red-yellow kite
I am swinging the anchor at the pillar of light

The streets of Moholla are visible
Let me catch two four Tabaria

I remember the taste of native fruits
I come with a pinch of salt and pepper on the rhubarb

Tell time to give up
Coming up with friends playing stakes

Enjoy the happiness of seven heavens in seven minutes
I am playing with seven teammates

Hobby is traveling the world
Coming to see the world in a bioscope

Let any wall be black board
I am writing a score from Intoda

The knees are fresh childhood traces
I am coming with a balm of memories

Tell the current to stop
Coming together as a child ...!

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ધોરણ ૬ માર્ક સ્લીપ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

ધોરણ ૭ માર્ક સ્લીપ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

ધોરણ ૮ માર્ક સ્લીપ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

એક્સેલ ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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(ઉપરોક્ત file માં 14 કસોટી સ્કેન થઈ શકશે)

If the situation becomes such when one has to choose between peace and truth, then it is best to choose truth without hesitation.  It is not proper to leave the truth alone to maintain peace.

️ If Lord Rama and Krishna had wanted, they would never have opposed falsehood for the sake of their peace.  He accepted the difficult path of troubled, troubled life only and only because of this so that truth could be selected and preserved.

Although the goal of life is to attain peace, but that peace, which is attained through truth.  So peace can be given up for truth but truth can never be for peace.  Sometimes truth is followed by smiling, sometimes by speaking and sometimes by keeping silent and sometimes by war.  Keep thinking about it at your discretion.

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